Spanish cheese not very motivating

So, I’ve been in Spain for about 6 months now and I’m just not finding any cheese worth writing about. Manchego seems to be about the best cheese produced here. I’m off to France in a couple of weeks… perhaps there.  Send me suggestions!

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  1. Lisa Chiapputo says:

    Idiazabal, which is a sheep’s milk cheese from Basque Country is one of my all time favorites, Tetilla Gallega a cow’s milk cheese from Galicia, and delicious Garrotxa, a traditional Catalonian goat’s milk cheese are some of the best, but Spain has so many small, independent cheesemakers that you never know what treasure you can stumble on, especially in Asturias. And if you like blue cheeses, Asturias is the best place to find Cabrales, which is one of the most prized and complex you can find. :) Apparently, I love cheese too much.

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